Monday, 10 June 2019

The New YouTube Guidelines

In the last week YouTube have introduced a strict policy on content shared on the platform, particularly with regard to hate speech, fake news, conspiracy theories and inciting violence.

In some respects this is a positive move, radical propaganda should always be challenged, particularly where it is so obvious. The difficulty lies in the fringes of this policy. Leaving aside that banning these people and channels doesn't necessarily tackle the underlying issues, and mainly forces them underground to resurface again somewhere else, the decisions being made are being applied in a stringent blanket approach, I suspect because there is too much content on YouTube for them to really check in any detail.

Last year I had an email from YouTube saying they had a complaint about The Everyday Sinners video for You Were the Ammunition. I guess I'm not surprised as A few comments had been left, which I responded to with detailed arguments, only for the user to delete there comment.

The song itself is a protest song, one of a few on the last album, it's inspiration was my exasperation at the growing number of politicians and people of influence who are using hate speech, division and any number of 'isms' to stir up violence and hatred in segments of populations. Encouraging them to come out and be openly attack people for there cultural, social or ethnic backgrounds. The rule of division.

In no way does the song glorify violence or call for violence, yet at the time of the complaint the video was removed.

Oddly some 6 months later it reappeared on the Collision Music account with a notice on it warning any potential viewers that explicit content was contained in the video and with the comments were turned off. This seemed rather odd, given the song lyrics, but then maybe the listener at YouTube interpreted them a different way, if in fact anyone did listen to it at all and it wasn't flagged using some form of algorithm. Also, the video was a cut together montage of news footage taken from various News outlets, all readily available to view on You Tube.

I have this week received another email from YouTube stating that the video is to be taken down completely now. However if you want to view the video and make up your own mind then it's available on the homepage of the website. Let me know your thoughts.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

New Jack Cade album on the way...

Where does the time go, certainly not on me updating my blog, that's for sure.

As ever, it's been a while so here's a quick update. To be honest I've been more focused on writing and recording over the last 18 months than I have on social media and probably even gigging. The result is I have a new album set to be released this summer. It's entitled 'Bear Bones' and is a mix of acoustic led songs and full on band songs. It's taken a while to get there and I've written way more songs than I usually do for an album, 24 in total, which I have whittled down to 10 for this release. There will be some videos out very soon along with some tracks prior to the full album hitting the stores. The current track listing I can announce here is:

He Lies on his side

Little bag of tricks

Tell me something


Four letter word

She got something to say

Sunshine King

Who will be the first to fall


Moving on

More soon, that's a promise...


Thursday, 23 June 2016

In the studio to record a new EP

Hey All,

I'm excited to say that I am back in the studio with my band The Everyday Sinners in July.

We had our first rehearsal in a while last weekend, mainly down to me being focused on the solo album 'A Murder of Crows' over the last six months. But I'm back to song writing for the band now and have some new upbeat numbers ready to get down.

We're going to simplify the name from now on for all new releases, the name will no longer be Jack Cade and the Everyday Sinners, it'll just be 'The Everyday Sinners'. Anything released solo will of course come out under my name.

The EP will feature 5 tracks provisionally, 'Lawn of the dead', 'Belly full a fire', 'Ain't no shadows on the sun', 'My true love went across the sea' and a reworking of 'Everyday Sinner' from the first album. And I'm pleased to say that this release will be coming out on vinyl, that really puts a smile on my usually growling face.

Recording is happening down in Brighton and will feature a number of guest instrumentalists. The release date is set for the end of October, look out for more updates and info over the coming weeks. Check in on Facebook for the most up-to-date info.

Cheers for now

Monday, 6 June 2016

A Murder of Crows - the insprations behind the songs



A Murder of Crows - the inspirations behind the songs.

Hey folks

It's been so long since I published a post up on the blog that I thought it was about time I got my finger out and got writing. In my defence, as any unsigned artist will tell you, making music and putting it out there for you all to find takes around 10% of our time songwriting and 90% doing the things you need to, but don't always want to do, like getting gigs, get reviews and airplay, support our releases, social media, update loads of different web presences, create artwork and videos, rehearse and, for the most of us, hold down some kind of job that pays the bills so we can eat.

For me I enjoy most of the process, the mammoth amount of emails I send out to receive the odd reply is sometimes hard, but then hey, everyone out there who reviews, features or plays music out there is pretty much in the same boat as me. You do it because you love doing it.

Back in April my new solo album 'A Murder of Crows came out. In the short time it's been around it's got a some great reviews on a number of blogs and Magazines as well as airplay on a number of shows, which has been great. The question I get asked the most on radio interviews and at gigs, often by other artists is where do you get the inspiration for your songs. This has been asked more with the new album as the lyrical content is pretty dark. So I thought I'd write down a few notes to go along with the release, it may give you an insight into how I write. Of course you may just think I have a morbid fascination with all the bad things in life and spend to much time looking back.

So here are the basic backgrounds song by song

Yella Green Grass

Yella Green Grass is about one of those moments when the past blurs into the present, a moment when we hear or see a person from a past event associated with a place, and for that fleeting moment feel that it is real, before it slowly fades. This moment is set in a small park area on the hillside overlooking the river Medway in Rochester Kent, called Church Fields.

Dead Man's Shoes

I've always had a strong love of, in particular Spaghetti, Westerns, with there often similar themes of good versus bad, where the lines between the two are very blurred and almost hard to define.  A world where it's OK to be bad, if you are bad for the right reasons. The storylines and structures are always very similar but the characters are exaggerated to almost comic book extremes. A film I love which is, to my mind, like a British Spaghetti Western, starring Paddy Considine, is Dead Man's Shoes.


A song which charts the destructive nature of dealing with someone else's loss and depression and how this can tear down everything around you.

The seven lives of Thomas Lee

This song was inspired by a graphic novel that I have been working on over the last year about a character of the same name who is possessed by the spirits of 6 executed criminals from different historical backgrounds... hopefully this will be finished in 2016.

Reading Crack Whore

In the summer of 2008 I was walking down the Oxford Road in Reading, where I lived until recently for 12 years. It was a hot summers morning and the sun was beating on the pavement as I walked into town. From down the street I could here an angry argument in full swing, not unusual for the Oxford Road to be honest. This one however had an edge and a sadness to the words that I had to write down immediately into one of my notebooks that I always carry. I kept them for many years, not sure how I should use them. I have now used the words from the argument in the Chorus of this song as they are quite profound, in the way they are used, and the sad state that humanity can still get to in our 'enlightened' society.

The Last Sunrise

As I've mentioned, I love a Spaghetti Western and this song is inspired by that love. It tells the tale of the last day of a gunfighter. Spaghetti Westerns in particular feature an anti hero, someone who is bad enough to do what's needed but does it for the right reasons.

Broke Down Town

I spent many years living in the Medway Towns in Kent. It was badly broken when I first moved there, not long after the Navel dockyard had closed putting thousands of people out of work in the 80's. I still go back regularly and every time I do the town seems to have decayed that little bit more each time.

Lay Me Down

A song quite simply about the death bed and what it would be like to say goodbye to the one you love and realise that all the rest of what you have done with your life is unimportant compared to that.

Yesterday's Gone

In the mid 80's when I was at art college I got home to my digs and turned on the old black and white TV  to watch the news, within a minute of turning it on a picture of the drummer from my band was on the screen and the news reader was recounting the tragic death from butane gas inhalation of teenager David Poole. I had seen David only the night before at rehearsal, yet 10 hours after I'd last seen him he was no more. I lost a number friends as a teenager and it teaches you the fragile and uncertain nature of the time we have.

These have been quite brief descriptions on the subjects of my songs but I hope you got some insight from it.

Till next time.

To Purchase 'A Murder of Crows' use one of the following links (physical CDs are only available from our website or at gigs).

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Monday, 21 January 2013

Dead Weight Walkin out now :-)

Hey Folks,

Today see's the start of a twelve month release of our new Jack Cade and the Everyday Sinners album 'Lord of the empty Manor' on Collision Music. Each month throughout 2013 we will release another track by the band via various digital platforms some free and some paid for. Along the way we'll be asking you to vote on a few of the tracks to be included on the album and at the end of the year we'll have a limited vinyl with CD release which will include hand printed covers, art, t'shirt and various other goodies we pick up along the way.

The first track out today, with its relentlessly thumping beat, is 'Dead Weight Walkin' an allegory for our times, born of the ongoing grind of recession, rising prices and railing against the greed of the few riding on the backs of the many, it is a theme truly in keeping with the historical heritage of the original Jack Cade, leader of a popular rebellion in the 15th Century, which bears a striking similarity to the situation we find ourselves in today. The Monarchy, Lords, Earls and land owners may have changed for Government, investment brokers and corporate business, but its still the mass populace that bears the burden when the hard times come.

The song is told through the story of five brothers and their lopsided, turbulent relationship, delivered in a deep angry growl and backed by some searing vocals from Helen and all underpinned by a rolling tribal beat and rhythmic bass line.
You can get Dead Weight Walkin' here:

CD Baby


Google Music Store


Look out for the next release, a special free download on 14 February...

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Cheers for 2012 here's to 2013

Hey all,

I hope you've all been having a great Christmas break and are gearing up for some party fun on New Years Eve. I'd just like to say a big thank you to all who have supported and helped us over the last year. having released our debut album last year and then getting together a new set of musicians to perform as a band live has been an enjoyable and interesting challenge. Adam and Mike have helped to give us direction and have brought there own unique styles to the song writing which just wouldn't be there without them. In the latter part of the year we have added Helen Togher to the ranks to bring a bit of sweetness to the mix and it couldn't have gone any better as the new tracks coming out next year will show.

We went into the studio in January to record in Reading's Silver Street studios with producer Bobby Bloomfield from Does it offend you, yeah! The results have been great and we're booked in for two more sessions in the new year to finish off the second album 'Lord of the empty Manor'. This album is being released in a somewhat different way in that we will be releasing a track a month, some of these will be via the usual outlets and some will come out as free downloads on Noisetrade, Band Camp and Soundcloud. We'll keep you up-to-date through the year as each track appears on here, our website, ReverbNation etc... or if you like you can join our Facebook Lord of the empty Manor group page.

We all wish you the best new year and hope to see you sometime in 2013.


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Monday, 5 November 2012

Recording 'Lord of the empty Manor'

Hey All,

This weekend we're going into Silver Street studios to record the tracks for our 'Lord of the Empty Manor' EP. The recording is being produced by Bobby Bloomfield who has produced a number of artists including The Adelines, SixNationState, Kamikaze Test Pilots, Jackson Caged, Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Vienna Ditto as well as being the drummer in Does it offend you, Yeah?

we're really looking forward to working with Bobby as we think he's going to bring something a little different to our sound that will compliment our rougher stripped down three piece. The tracks we're recording will be new songs from our set that have been going down well, Blood Red Lips (a song of passion, love and just a little lust), Dead Weight Walkin' (an allegory of the times we find ourselves in) Glowball (dedicated to nights spent at this legendary Reading night) and finally there will be a version of the mournful lament The River (fast becoming a live favourite)

I'm not usually one for wishing away my life but I counting the days down this week. Once the recordings done were going to produce a couple of video's to go along with it and then it'll be released first thing in the new year. Followed shortly after by the next EP which is already in the planning.

I'll keep you posted over the next week as to how the recording has gone and may well post up some pics and sound files...

Catch ya later


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