Monday, 24 October 2011

This Fiery Road - Review

Today was a good day in the world of Jack Cade and the Everyday Sinners. Whilst kickin back and drinking my morning coffee down at the Workhouse I received an email about a new review for 'This Fiery Road' album.

As with any review the immediate reaction is excitement followed by trepidation. I needn't have worried the review which appears on the excellent From Under The Basement blog, based in Austin  Texas, was extremely complimentary.

Rebel Rod Ames wrote 'Take about two cups of Johnny Cash add a dash or two of Tom Waits, and a smidgen of the psychobilly or punk roots that began molding him years ago, and you have Jack Cade.

I love this album for so many reasons. It’s honky-tonk or is it? It’s country, or is it? It’s blues, or is it? It continuously keeps the listener guessing. I on the other hand, after hearing the first track, the title cut, “This Fiery Road”, decided not to categorize, but instead, simply enjoy this extremely unique brand of whatever it is...'

To read the full review go to:

If you want a copy of the album go to


Sunday, 2 October 2011

After the launch

Hey all

It's been three weeks since the launch of 'This Fiery Road' and I have to say 6 months in the studio seems a breeze compared to a month trying to promote the album out to publications, blogs and radio stations. It's not until you start that you realise how many thousands of tresses there are in each genre of music. All vying for the same coverage largely from the same groups of dedicated bloggers.

Having run the Freebase music site for 3 years from 1997 I can appreciate how much time and work goes into running a blog reviewing and commenting on the music you love. There are a few blogs that have caught my eye over the last 3 months, in researching and checking out around a 115 sites the ones I'm visiting and enjoying the most are being added to my website as links. is particularly good well written, some good humour and a great weekly radio show. I've also been spending a lot of time on No Depression, check it out, loads of good articles, posts and forum. is always a good and varied read as is also with it's own cool weekly radio show.

Last week some of the album tracks went up onto Jango. Fir those who have not come across it before it is an Internet radio service that sllows the use to pick stations based on an artist or genre, same as last FM. The difference is that as an artist you can upload your tunes and buy credits to get guaranteed plays. You pick the artists you want to be aligned with, target locations and off you go. In the first week I've had a great amount of positive feedback and picked up new fans and sales.

The album has also been picked up by various Internet and specialist radio stations, mainly in the states. The only downer for me so far is that I've not been able to get one bit of coverage in my own local press or radio stations.

With any luck the next week will see a few reviews coming out, as soon as they do I'll be posting links up here, in the meantime if you're one of the good people who have bought a copy of the album then you'd do me a great favour if you posted a review on iTunes, Amazon or any of the other digital sites.

Catch ya soon

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