Monday, 5 November 2012

Recording 'Lord of the empty Manor'

Hey All,

This weekend we're going into Silver Street studios to record the tracks for our 'Lord of the Empty Manor' EP. The recording is being produced by Bobby Bloomfield who has produced a number of artists including The Adelines, SixNationState, Kamikaze Test Pilots, Jackson Caged, Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Vienna Ditto as well as being the drummer in Does it offend you, Yeah?

we're really looking forward to working with Bobby as we think he's going to bring something a little different to our sound that will compliment our rougher stripped down three piece. The tracks we're recording will be new songs from our set that have been going down well, Blood Red Lips (a song of passion, love and just a little lust), Dead Weight Walkin' (an allegory of the times we find ourselves in) Glowball (dedicated to nights spent at this legendary Reading night) and finally there will be a version of the mournful lament The River (fast becoming a live favourite)

I'm not usually one for wishing away my life but I counting the days down this week. Once the recordings done were going to produce a couple of video's to go along with it and then it'll be released first thing in the new year. Followed shortly after by the next EP which is already in the planning.

I'll keep you posted over the next week as to how the recording has gone and may well post up some pics and sound files...

Catch ya later


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