Monday, 21 January 2013

Dead Weight Walkin out now :-)

Hey Folks,

Today see's the start of a twelve month release of our new Jack Cade and the Everyday Sinners album 'Lord of the empty Manor' on Collision Music. Each month throughout 2013 we will release another track by the band via various digital platforms some free and some paid for. Along the way we'll be asking you to vote on a few of the tracks to be included on the album and at the end of the year we'll have a limited vinyl with CD release which will include hand printed covers, art, t'shirt and various other goodies we pick up along the way.

The first track out today, with its relentlessly thumping beat, is 'Dead Weight Walkin' an allegory for our times, born of the ongoing grind of recession, rising prices and railing against the greed of the few riding on the backs of the many, it is a theme truly in keeping with the historical heritage of the original Jack Cade, leader of a popular rebellion in the 15th Century, which bears a striking similarity to the situation we find ourselves in today. The Monarchy, Lords, Earls and land owners may have changed for Government, investment brokers and corporate business, but its still the mass populace that bears the burden when the hard times come.

The song is told through the story of five brothers and their lopsided, turbulent relationship, delivered in a deep angry growl and backed by some searing vocals from Helen and all underpinned by a rolling tribal beat and rhythmic bass line.
You can get Dead Weight Walkin' here:

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Look out for the next release, a special free download on 14 February...