Monday, 9 July 2012

A new video from Jack Cade and the Everyday Sinners

Hey all,
It's been a while since my last post. I've busy writing and rehearsing new material with the Everyday Sinners which is coming along extremely well. We gigged at the weekend playing Corkey Burgers Ramshackle last Thursday and Caversham Festival on Sunday. both gigs were excellent, Caversham festival in particular was great as the crowd was large and very appreciative and to top it all the sun made an appearance.
Saturday saw the release of our long awaited first pro video for The Fiery Road, it's been planned for a while but took a bit of regaining to get everything sorted, but finally we managed to get ourselves organised. The filming took place on or around the Oxford road, the very road which inspired the name of the song. It features a bunch of friends and my local coffee house, Reading Carnival and the whip wielding and devilish looks of Fritz Elhers. Check out the video on YouTube at
If you like the video please leave a comment and hit the like button on YouTube, it all helps.

Catch you soon.
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