Tuesday, 30 October 2012

News update

Hey All,

It's been an age and then some since I last wrote some words up here, shame on me, but then it's been a busy old time as I've been helping out the Collision label as well as playing a variety of gigs with and without the Everyday Sinners.

We had a great time playing The Big Day out festival in the summer as well as the Caversham Festival. On the downside we're pretty pissed that our gig at the Abbot Cook in Cemetery Junction was cancelled at short notice, without telling us, so apologies from us to all those who had planned to come along.

Coming up we have a couple of gigs to tell you about, firstly we're playing at The Retreat in Reading this Thursday 1 November and at The Global Cafe on Friday 16 November. At the Global gig we've got two top support acts firstly William Trevelyan who possesses a brilliantly deep and smooth vocal delivery (think Tindersticks), followed by Luke Paulo featuring Maija on piano, Luke has been building a growing reputation in the Berkshire area with his beautifully written songs and lyrics delivered with an Eastern European folk feel.
In between these two gigs we'll be in the studio recording our new EP 'Lord of the empty Manor'. It's been a bit long coming but finally we're getting there, it's due for release in the start of the new year and will feature two live favourites 'Blood Red Lips' and 'Dead Weight Walking'.

Finally I'd just like to say congratulations to my label mate Steve Morano who has been getting a lot of coverage over in the States, most notably from Indie Artist Magazine where he has received over 200k views of his video for the single Donna. Wow!

Hope to see you at a gig sometime.
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