Monday, 7 May 2012

May in the Rain

Hey All,

Just a quick update on all that's been going on. All in all we've been busy rehearsing up new material ready for a new release in the next couple of months. For live performances myself, Mike Muggeridge (bass) and Adam Perry (drums) have been joined by the very talented Tom Anderson who produced the 'This Fiery Road' album and is playing a mix of guitar, keyboard and sax.

I was hoping things would be moving on a bit quicker, but hey that's the way it goes,  gigs are slowly starting  to roll in although it would be nice to get a few more festivals this year. Don't forget if you want us to come play in your area just drop us a line and suggest a venue/promoter we should approach.

In the meantime, I've been writing a whole load of new songs, some of which I've been posting up as video demo's. The latest is 'The Seven Lives of Thomas Lee' this song is based on a graphic novel I've been working on, more of which I will tell you about in the coming months.  The video is up on You Tube, you can check it out here:

Well I'm sitting here writing this by the window looking over my small garden, watching the rain tumble down. I have to say it seems to have been raining non stop for months now, which I guess is how it used to be at this time of year. With any luck we'll get a great summer this year.

Cheers for now