Wednesday, 13 March 2019

New Jack Cade album on the way...

Where does the time go, certainly not on me updating my blog, that's for sure.

As ever, it's been a while so here's a quick update. To be honest I've been more focused on writing and recording over the last 18 months than I have on social media and probably even gigging. The result is I have a new album set to be released this summer. It's entitled 'Bear Bones' and is a mix of acoustic led songs and full on band songs. It's taken a while to get there and I've written way more songs than I usually do for an album, 24 in total, which I have whittled down to 10 for this release. There will be some videos out very soon along with some tracks prior to the full album hitting the stores. The current track listing I can announce here is:

He Lies on his side

Little bag of tricks

When you come running


Four letter word

She got something to say

Sunshine King

Who will be the first to fall


Moving on