Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Awakening - New single out October 2

It's been an interesting time to write as there is so much going on in the world and so much to think about, in particular how I have grown up, the things I've been taught and the way the world around me has been shaped.

I am, like all of us, the product of my upbringing, the places I’ve lived, the family and friends around me, the media I consume, the lessons learned at school, in books and even comics. But the history we learn rather than experience, as a very old adage goes, is ‘written by the winners’, and as such, any uncomfortable truths and facts are buried, lost and polished out of existence. 

The last decade has been like a gradual ‘awakening’ for me, a realignment of knowledge and a lot of the foundation blocks that make up my understanding of life and society, and my place in it. This upcoming album 'The Death Throes of a Jaded Empire' explores some of this awakening, from my roots growing up in a fading Victorian seaside town to the growing realisation that a lot of what I have taken for granted as being truth is far from it in my little bubble of life. All I can do now is strive to relearn and restructure, question more, open my mind to new ideas and truths, and build new perspectives.

This song was written and recorded during lockdown for the forthcoming album 'The Death Throes of a Jaded Empire'. The song features the amazingly talented Hana Maria on violin, you can check her music out at https://www.facebook.com/hanamariaviolin/

This single will be released first on Bandcamp on Friday 2nd October 2020 https://jackcade.bandcamp.com/ 

Then to streaming platforms on 9th October 2020  


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